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Taureau.ai delivers AI solutions with highest quality

Taureau.ai ensures to provide AI services with high-quality characteristics.

Functionality and Performance
Reliability and Security
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Our experts at Taureau.ai are providing you with the best AI solutions.

Company introduction

Taureau.ai is part of a global AI network

Taureau.ai is not local, it is global.

We're a proud member of a global network of AI companies, with presence in France, USA, Norway, Vietnam, etc.

Mai Trang Vu

CEO - Taureau.ai company

What we’re offering

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Implement SaaS solutions for our partners.

AI solutions

Build AI platform for AI project development and management.

IT solution

Provide consulting services on IT problems.

Taureau.ai company benefits

Why should you choose our Taureau.ai company?

  • Our mission
  • Our vision
  • Our history

Taureau AI was established to become the technical department for AI products of our ecosystem as well as to provide software implementation solutions to external partners and the market.

Taureau.Ai starts our business in Vietnam with the vision of becoming the AI services deliverer to our customers. Our AI platform which is currently in development is promising to bring AI procedures to every one and every business.

Named after the sign of the Zodiac Taurus, Taureau AI was initially founded in May 2022, bringing about the mission of being the “energetic buffalo” in the fields of AI and IT in Vietnam.

With a young and passionate foundation team, Taureau AI will be a promising home for high-quality technology engineers and AI engineers, where your vision and dream about AI will be fulfilled.

  • Functionality and Performance

  • Reliability and Security

  • Interpretability and Explanability

Always delivering quality solutions

Taureau AI is an important piece of your puzzle

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Recent work

The AI models that we worked on, for our partners or with our partners

SaaS solutions developed by Taureau AI together with our partners.


Technology growth

We’re standout experts in the tech business

We believe that high quality in AI solutions is achieved through a highly collaborative interaction, so that we can work.

Together we define and eval opportunities in AI beyond your wildest dream.

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